Workshop DOMAINS

7–8 July 2018, Oxford UK

Fifty years ago, Dana Scott introduced domain theory for the purposes of denotational semantics of programming languages when he was in Oxford, where he worked with Christopher Strachey. This work has had a vast and lasting impact on logic, computer science, and mathematics. As part of the Workshop DOMAINS’2018, which will take place in Oxford on 7–8 July 2018, we will celebrate 50 years of domain theory and Dana Scott’s 85th birthday. We will also commemorate Klaus Keimel, the founder of the workshop series.

The event is affiliated with the Federated Logic Conference 2018.

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Please submit a short extended abstract (up to 2 pages not counting bibliography) through the DOMAINS at Easychair.

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The event is organized by Andrej Bauer and Martín Escardó.

About the DOMAINS workshop series

The applications of domain theory include programming logics (LCF), design of programming languages, models of the lambda calculus, applications to recursion theory (higher-type computability, Kleene-Kreisel countable functionals), general topology (injective spaces, function spaces, locally compact spaces, Stone duality), topological algebra (Lawson semilattices) and analysis (measure, integration, dynamical systems). Moreover, these applications are related – for example, Stone duality has given rise to a logic of observable properties of computational processes.

Topics of interaction with domain theory for this workshop include, but are not limited to: program semantics, program logics, probabilistic computation, exact computation over the real numbers, lambda calculus, games, models of sequential computation, constructive mathematics, recursion theory, realizability, real analysis and computability, topology, metric spaces and domains, idempotent analysis and domains, locale theory, category theory, topos theory, type theory.

The Domains workshop series is aimed at computer scientists and mathematicians alike who share an interest in the mathematical foundations of computation. The workshop series focuses on domains, their applications in mathematics and computer science, and related topics. Previous meetings were held in Darmstadt (1994, 1999, 2004), Braunschweig (1996), Munich (1997), Siegen (1998), Birmingham (2002), Novosibirsk (2007), Brighton (2008), Swansea (2011), Paris (2014), and Cork (2015).